Instructions for authors

The Phi­lo­sop­hi­cal Al­ter­na­ti­ves Journal pub­lis­hes ori­gi­nal ar­tic­les as well as bo­ok re­vi­ews. Ar­tic­les sho­uld not ex­ce­ed 20 stan­dard pa­ges in­clu­ding an abs­tract (300 words ma­xi­mum), keywords, an ema­il ad­dress and full na­me of the in­sti­tu­ti­on which the aut­hors are af­fi­li­a­ted to.

Ma­nus­cripts sho­uld in­clu­de all ne­ces­sa­ry fo­ot­no­tes (se­qu­en­ti­al be­gin­ning with “1”), bib­li­og­rap­hi­cal re­fe­ren­ces, tab­les. Ar­tic­les may be sub­mit­ted for pub­li­ca­ti­on in Bul­ga­ri­an, En­glish, Ger­man and other languages internationally recognizable in the humanities and social sciences. All ma­nus­cripts must be sub­mit­ted via ema­il to the ad­dress of the Edi­tor in a doc(x) for­mat with ba­sic font – 11-po­int Ti­mes New Ro­man. A text sent in any ot­her font should be mar­ked. No spe­ci­al sty­les or ta­bu­la­ti­ons. For­mu­las sho­uld de­si­rab­ly be gi­ven in TTF font (pro­vi­ding they are in *.docx for­mat, they may al­so be in font Cam­bria Math, and as a pic­tu­re, on­ly in ca­se no su­i­tab­le font is ava­i­lab­le. Il­lus­tra­ti­ons sho­uld ad­di­ti­o­nal­ly be gi­ven as a pic­tu­re in a se­pa­ra­te fi­le (bmp, gif, jpg, tif…).

In-text ci­ta­ti­ons sho­uld in­clu­de the aut­hor’s last na­me, the ye­ar of pub­li­ca­ti­on, and the pa­ge num­ber, in the fol­lo­wing man­ner: (Hes­se 1970: 124). The re­fe­ren­ce list sho­uld ap­pe­ar at the end of the ma­nus­cript. It sho­uld be in alphabetical order,  by aut­hor’s fa­mi­ly na­me.

By submission of the content of the manuscript, aut­hors agree to assign to the Journal their copyright, as well as the rights for announcement, publication and distribution. Ma­nus­cripts sho­uld not ha­ve be­en pre­vi­o­us­ly pub­lis­hed el­sew­he­re. Aut­hors may not sub­mit the­ir ma­nus­cripts el­sew­he­re whi­le the latter are still un­der con­si­de­ra­ti­on on behalf of the Jo­ur­nal. If the ma­nus­cripts are ac­cep­ted for pub­li­ca­ti­on, the aut­hors ag­ree to tran­sfer co­py­right to the Pub­lis­her. No part of pub­li­ca­ti­ons may be rep­ro­du­ced, sto­red in a ret­ri­e­val sys­tem, or tran­smit­ted in any form or by any me­ans wit­ho­ut pri­or writ­ten con­sent of the Philosophical Alternatives Journal.

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