Philosophical Alternatives 2/2022

Issue editor: Ivanka Stapova
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Ivan Stefanov (Professor, DSc at Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski')
Rise and Fall of the dogmatic aesthetics. Todor Pavlov against Isaac Passy
Abstract: The main idea of the article is that the Marxist-Leninist aesthetics in its extreme and dogmatic variant, shared by academic Todor Pavlov, leads to theoretical disorganization not only in the field of aesthetics but in the general artistic field as well. This happens because the treatment of aesthetics simply as an ideological and political norm system inevitably leads to the disappearance of art as anything other but ideology and politics. The article examines an extremely dangerous dogmatic reduction that does huge harm on the ever-present diversity of art. By means of this reduction dogmatism through its political and ideological concepts is even capable of destroying art.
Dogmatism ideologically mystifies art, thus in fact obliterating it.
Keywords: art, conceptuality, ideology, politics, partisan, Todor Pavlov, Isaac Passy

Tatyana Batuleva (Professor, DSc at Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
On Aesthetic Values in the Context of Radoslav Tsanoff's Integral Approach
Abstract: The text analyzes the role of aesthetic experience for Radoslav Tsanoff, an American philosopher of Bulgarian origin. The article is structured in the following directions: creativity and innovation in science and art (differences and analogies); art and culture as part of a new scale of values; aesthetic experience as participation in the perspective of the theory of shared values; role and importance of culture (spirit of cosmic scale and depth). The conclusion is that these are in harmony with the general direction in his work, including the need for an integral approach and a new scale of values.
Keywords: shared values, aesthetic experience, integral approach, cosmic perspective