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The journal Philosophical Alternatives (1992 – ), ISSN 0861-7899 (Print), ISSN 2815-4568 (Online), https://doi.org/10.58945/psuu8376, was founded in 1945 under the title “Philosophical Thought”.
Philosophical Alternatives
is a peer-reviewed journal, edited by the
The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (IPS)
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
We invite contributions that address the following fields: Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of History, Ethics, Aesthetics, Logic, Philosophy of Religion, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.
The subject matter of the journal is related to recent developments in Bulgarian and world philosophy. In keeping with its interdisciplinary character, it publishes articles and issues on culture, anthropology, history, linguistics, and literature, and often incites discussions on contemporary philosophical problems concerning the world, human knowledge, thought, morality, and art.
Some of the articles are in English. All articles are accompanied by abstracts and lists of keywords in English.
We also publish book reviews.
All manuscripts, submitted to the Editorial Board, are subjected to a Blind Review Process, strictly following an accepted procedure. The Blind Reviewers submit their reviews completed in the special Blind Review Form .
The journal Philosophical Alternatives is published bimonthly – six times per year.
Throughout the history of the journal, several fields have been of enduring interest. These include texts on topics related to historical-philosophical analysis, of which some deal with the history of Bulgarian philosophy, and texts devoted to the development of European and world philosophy and its classical and contemporary authors. We regularly publish articles devoted to moral problems and presenting all viewpoints on philosophy considered as a form of value consciousness: such articles refer to aesthetical, worldview, critical, and cultural questions. The journal provides space for publications by Bulgarian authors situated outside the professional philosophical community and in a wide range of disciplines, including history, economics, literature, psychology, physics, sociology, ecology, religion, etc., authors who value our journal as an authoritative tribune for theoretical discussions.
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