Number 5/2014 – Contents

Andrzej Przylebski – Hermeneutics and Transcendentalism
Georgi Donev – Metaphysical Thinking and Phenomenologization of Mind
Stefan Dimitrov – Reason and Ideal
Silviya Kristeva – The Ultimate Elements of Thought
Ivaylo Dimitrov – How to Think Transcendentally Kant’s Power for/of Imagination?
Kristiyan Enchev – Singularity, Image-schema, and Imagination: Illustrictions
Valentin Kanawrow – Schematism Without Imagination?
Atanaska Cholakova – Das Ding an sich in the Context of Schopenhauer’s Philosophy
Vera Lyubenova – The Myth of the Given: Kant and Sellars
Gergana Pencheva-Apostolova – The Antinomies of the Self in the Net
Paul Geyer – Left Cultural Conservatism
Valeri Lichev – Interpretation and Interdisciplinarity
Ivan Katsarski – A Road to Marx in the 21st Century
Momchil Badzhakov – Ultra-liberalism and the Contemporary Ideological Crisis